Strategy & Strength

In a highly competitive business, CHO possesses the following strengths to have an edge over our competitors:

Winning the world with experience
CHO is led by an experienced management team who have been in the offshore oil and gas industry for over 25 years. Their experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry allow for quick understanding and assessment of clients' needs and exceptional anticipation of industry trends.

Excellence through impeccable relationship with clients
Through the years, CHO is able to maintain close working relationship with our clients. Our engagement and participation help us better understand and assess project peculiarities. These in turn help us better formulate solutions for our clients. Our high repeat customers' percentage is sufficient testimony for our outstanding service quality.

Large geographical coverage
CHO has been able to leverage our skills and expertise in the offshore industry to operate in many parts of the world. Our extensive operational coverage includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, China, Middle East, West Africa and Australia.

Extensive range of offshore support services
CHO support various phases of offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production, offering a wide range of services including towing; anchor-handling; supply of deck, liquid and dry bulk cargoes, supply of dangerous goods.